Bobby Johnston - Film Composer

"There are indie-centric composers who impress with their quirkiness. Then there are others who come across like mad geniuses, creating a sound akin to outsider art. Bobby Johnston often falls into the latter camp ... Johnston has steadily risen in the indie scoring scene for his ability to deliver the unexpected through innovatively bizarre instrumental combos, and his ability to tune them towards eccentric mindsets—whether they be whimsical or psychotic ... A loopy, Klezmer spirit infuses much of these psychological S & M mind games, accordions, female voices, and Stephane Grappelli-esque jazz creating the time-lost sense of sinking into drink in a Silverlake bar, or your sex-cluttered bedroom. Sad sack guitar rhythms and finger-snapping female vocalese strut in the spirit of film noir jazz, while gossamer bells compound the sense of an LA twilight zone. "Crazy Eyes" is indeed that description when it comes to the completely unique, and hallucinatory sound that Johnston delivers here ..."

-Daniel Schwieger, FILM MUSIC MAGAZINE

"What Bobby Johnston has done here is create a fantastic score that gives this narrative an amazing identity ... The score starts off with a quirky but terrifically executed track. You can tell there is some Yiddish influence in the music, but it works and fits extremely well into the landscape. Then immediately the score takes on a jazzy, lounge feel that acts as more than background atmosphere. The melodies aren't big but they sure do hook you. That hook is what kept me invested in this score all the way through and I enjoyed every moment of it ... The final few tracks take on a different flavor altogether as if we are brought out of the fantasy and into real life. It is very impressive that the score is able to take on 3 different sides while being maybe 30 minutes ... I really liked Crazy Eyes. It had a strong narrative voice, it worked hand in hand with the songs and it did a hell of a lot with a short running time. The score felt complete and it's a very decent work from a composer who nailed character and mood in his music."