Bobby Johnston - Film Composer

"Bobby Johnston is a new voice in film. He uses all acoustic and 'found' instruments to create his unusual sounds. The main title track might leave you a bit amazed - it's refreshing to hear real instruments instead of a lot of synthetic percussion, even if you can't necessarily tell what any of the instruments are! Many of the ensuing tracks are multi-layered works with Johnston performing everything himself... there are sections of guitar background solos, high piano melodic lines with rhythmic accompaniment, unusual bell/bottle tones that sound like a cross between a steel drum and a marimba, and much more... if King of the Ants is any indication, Johnston should be able to soon find a comfortable niche in larger productions. La-La Land is commended for allowing this music to be heard."

-Steven A. Kennedy, FILM SCORE MONTHLY

"... an absorbing combination of exotic jazz and atmospheric horror music. Bobby Johnston demonstrates with his music for King Of The Ants that he is not afraid to try something different. The heavy use of varied and inventive percussion makes the score somehow timeless and strangely unnerving, as well as at times both exciting and colourful. It will be interesting to see how the composer follows this one!"


"Bobby Johnston's score for King of the Ants is an attractive introduction to this innovative talent. The CD itself sounds great with all the various sounds being easily heard, teasing the listener to try and identify the origins of all the various instruments that Johnston has used to produce this score. Johnston has produced one of the catchiest main titles of 2004."

-Alan Rogers, MUSIC ON FILM

"... composer Bobby Johnston had a trump card to play. While he performs the music himself, all of it is utilizing acoustic instruments. He doesn't synthesize it. This builds a style that is tremendously helpful in making this an 'unconventional' score, which at the same time avoids the groan-inducing trappings of what that term usually stands for. It's even more amazing to listen to the mix job of his music, as it has a nice full sound that seems to belie a one-man approach ... there are loads of unique sounds that I haven't experienced before, all lending a helping hand in making this score unique. Johnston even provides a serviceable main theme that he actually utilizes throughout the score, a nice little touch that seems to be sorely lacking in other scores of this type, a nice break from most of the other 'unconventional' composers out there."


"... this interesting, multi-layered and darkly compelling soundtrack should help bring Johnston to a deservedly wider audience. All of the music on this disc conveys a slightly disturbing mix of sensuousness and aggression, but it's never overstated. Unlike most collections of film music, this one stands up very well to repeated listening ... I found this CD extremely rewarding."


"Bobby Johnston's score for Stuart Gordon's KING OF THE ANTS takes an interesting and experimental approach to the art of motion picture scoring... Johnston uses unconventional items like bottles and pieces of materials he finds along with occasional low moaning / breathing / growling effects to help create bizarre yet foreboding sounds. These methods are accompanied by traditional scoring instruments like drums, percussion, guitar and piano (occasionally a child's toy piano) while still coming together in a very interesting way... a completely enjoyable listening experience. This is a recent edition to my collection that seems to keep finding its way into my CD player, curiously during late night work sessions. Fans of original and experimental scores should check this one out."

-Mark Jason Murray, FILM FANADDICT

"... as I started to listen to this score, there was something about it that really hooked into me. And then it hit me. This guy is like the American version of Goblin. His music isn't like normal scores. It's a series of rhythms and sounds that is blended together, giving off some great atmosphere. Johnston is also a very unusual musician, using strange objects from bottles to old toy pianos. This gives this score a very unique, and entertaining sound. If you are fans of Goblin, then you definitely should check out this score!"


"It also boasts an original and very effective acoustic instrument score by Bobby Johnston. Johnston uses a combination of instruments and even non-instruments (bottles and other items) to further emphasize the down to earth feel."

-Christopher J. Jarmic, CULTCUTS Magazine

"Johnston creates interesting colors by rooting material with low unison ideas, layering multiple percussive textures above."

-INTRADA reviews

"... a badass score... Bobby Johnston's dark, kool score brought so much juice to the images."


"... the score kicked ass"