Bobby Johnston - Film Composer

"the film has an unmistakably Slavic sensibility that manifests itself in the morosely offbeat humor, the characters' names and composer Bobby Johnston's wry, flavorful original score."

-Justin Chang, VARIETY

"music is often the secret weapon of the indie comedy, and so it is here. Scoring by composer Bobby Johnston, as well as tracks by Tom Waits and a number of songs and artists associated with suicide (including music by Joy Division and a jazzy rendition of "Gloomy Sunday" a.k.a., "The Hungarian Suicide Song") jauntily endeaden the soundtrack."

-Bob Westal, Bullz-Eye

"The film also boasts a memorable soundtrack... A magical realism is complimented by a joyful, exuberant, beautiful, sad, crazy soundtrack"

-Evrim Ersoy, monsters and critics

"There is some terrific music in the film, which includes a genre-hopping, multi-cultural score by relative newcomer Bobby Johnston..."

-Brian Tallerico, the DEADBOLT DVD review

"The soundtrack is probably better than any road-trip mix CD you've recently compiled"

-Stephan Becker, GUIDELIVE.COM

"the soundtrack totally rocks"

-Lori Stofft, YUMA SUN